The International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII) is a non-profit organization of researchers, clinicians, developers, coordinators, policy makers and industry associates, among others, whose mission is to foster excellence in the development and testing of various evidence-based eHealth promotion, prevention, treatment and maintenance programs targeting behavioral and mental health to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals.

The eHealth interventions are broadly inclusive of existing and emerging technologies, including the Internet, mobile devices, digital gaming, virtual reality, remote sensing and robotics, among others.


The aims of the society include the following:

  • Promotion and sharing of ideas and experiences among those interested in internet intervention research
  • Support of collaboration to protect integrity and to enhance development, quality and dissemination of internet interventions
  • Development of strategic directions for the field of internet intervention research
  • Commitment to increased public awareness
  • Development of standards and quality criteria for internet interventions
  • Access to the results of internet intervention research


Among the many interests shared by the members are development and evaluation of behavioral and mental health interventions delivered using the internet, internet assessments, use of mobile and virtual reality technology in internet intervention research, comparative effectiveness research incorporating internet research, and dissemination and implementation of internet intervention research.


ISRII is derived from international meetings of professionals in the field. The first meeting was held in 2004 at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. This first small meeting for invited guests only focused exclusively on the use of internet health interventions. The next meeting, held in 2006, was again held at the Karolinska Hospital and improved on the first with improved presentations with greater depth, more robust science and an expanded international presence. The third meeting was held at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S. in 2007. The conference was attended by over 70 members who came from seven different countries. The 2009 meeting was held in conjunction with the First International E-Mental Health Summit 2009 and hosted by the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction Trimbos instituut, the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam, and included more than 100 members of ISRII. The most recent meeting in April 2011 was held in Sydney, Australia and hosted by the Australian National University.  More than 160 members of ISRII attended.

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Tel: +1 434.284.4699
URL: www.isrii.org